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Regan's Faith In Tragedy

Regan, Rig, Whitehead, Romance's Expert Wife
The Unending Love Antidote ...The African Juttah, Septennial 1986-2016

And These Are The Descendant Of The Beauty, Rescued From The Hands Of The Beast, Beast Of Beauty, Featuring, Regan Central WhiteHead

Regan Central, Our Father In Heaven
                                                   Scene II

      -Father, the only way I’m to understand this unmerited grace out of such a horrid reaping of faithlessness is Christ alone hath gotten us all this indescribable for all of eternity victory, thus not to lean unto our own understanding, this fertile quest of rebellious man. Then you give me him, this inconceivable of a holy man, not to be or practice vainglory I know where I would be without him.”  A praying Regan Central not realizing, but sitting the floor, laying his head into the door post, eyes leaking closed, a smitten heart conjoin to hers, husband was as usual this close. “I fret father I admit, you knowing this heart, you once having …